David T Wright

E-mail: davidtwright49@gmail.com
Born: Coventry, England
Status: Canadian since 1972


1970 – 1972 Postgraduate studies in Fine Art
University of Reading, England
M.F.A. – 1972

1966 – 1970 King’s College
University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne, England
B.A. – First Class Honours in Fine Art – 1970


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David Wright relocated to Nova Scotia’s south shore several years ago from wonderful Toronto’s ever expanding roar.

We are privileged to be representing David here in the Maritimes and have a very impressive selection of his work hanging in our shop at present.

We will be opened two Saturdays this October, the 17th and the 24th, 10:00 – 4:00 all welcome.



Fallen Two 48” X 36”

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